Sunday, January 11, 2009

Following My Own Compass

I kind of want to say I don't know where to start, but that isn't really true. When it comes to discussing Whitley Strieber's show, Dreamland I could start on any topic really, the ancient hidden past, exploration of the human potential, the world of Spirit, speculations about the near and distant future, and my favorite UFOs of course. What you would get however, with any of these topics, is a breadcrumb trail always leading back to that little cottage in the woods, or cabin in the woods in this case. Where you would end up is back at Whitley. 

When I think of the vision of a person I tend to think of the totality of a life's work more than a stated purpose a person might themselves make. Track records speak louder than bravado, which seems inevitable when a person sets out to announce a 5 or 10 or 20 year or whatever, plan. Politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities... you name it... have mostly been victims of vanity when comparing their words 20 years on with their actual actions. Not so with Whitley. Where the breadcrumbs lead is to a man who tries to stay in question and be a participant of the moment to moment, being open to allow what comes, to come. After which he describes what he experienced. Sounds simple...right? 

I suppose if he were a film celebrity writing his memoirs about amazing encounters with other celebrities, or about behind the scene hijinx on the set of a blockbuster movie he would be heralded with much fanfare...magazine covers, and appearances on a multitude of TV shows. Instead he is met mostly with ridicule. The tide is turning though, I think. No longer can the life's work of such an articulate and intelligent man be cast aside and forgotten like so many after game interviews of the winning quarterback, or the constant stream of other celebrities pushing their next movie. One reason is that the topics he brings to us are never trivial. They are information concerning all humanity. Another big reason for this may simply be his stubborn nature, not to give up in the face of ridicule and dismissal, because the message was far too important. The message is that WE ARE MORE THAN WE KNOW! The messages, I should say, because they are multilayered in a matrix of subtle yet profound questions. We are more than we know- in many more ways than we know. At the core is also a man who can write, a wordsmith. He was an already successful writer of horror novels before he was thrown into what appears to be both an agonizing yet simultaneously sublime journey.

He writes about a lifelong journey, HIS journey. The celebrities he has met are far more interesting than any you might meet in Hollywood. I speak of both the guests on his radio show as well as those of a more aetheric/alien nature who, both welcomed and unwelcomed, have pierced the veil into his world. 

I, on this end of my computer cannot verify any of it as real or true. That is actually OK, it is not a deal breaker. There is no Rosetta stone to decode if those creatures who have intruded into so many people's lives are as real as meeting a squirrel in the woods. Either may be in  the realm of nuts, or in that of solid physical reality...maybe both at times. For me to dismiss what you experienced, just because I did not, is to travel down the path of fools. The mere volume of otherworldly interactions can only mean not all are illusion. I can verify very little of what anyone claims to have happened to them to be honest. I include the guy down the street telling about his adventures on his last ski vacation. I listen, and I decide for myself. A simple thing to ask for, really - tell me your experiences and leave the rest for me. I've had dealings with enough people to often know within minutes if they are honest. Many of you probably also have the same intuitive sense. It is an ignored part of us.

That leads me back to Whitley and the mass of his work. Dishonest people, as you may have yourself found out, may be smart, but in the test of time they are found out. They change their stories, cover their tracks, dodge questions, and often times shout down their critics as a means of distraction. Whitley's words are consistently humble, direct, and open. He doesn't hold his cards close to his chest and insinuate he has a full house. He lays his cards out before us all and shows he is playing with a full deck. 

The one most telling fact of his truthfulness is the fact that he is all too ready to state that he simply does not know. He doesn't demand that we accept he met with lone Terrestrial Ambassador for the The Intergalactic Council form the Planet Zebulon, or that HE alone is the bearer of the ONE truth passed down only to him as the divine messenger. He is far too intelligent and introspective for that. Not being easily led, he tries not to lead us. Being wise, he doesn't treat his audience like fools. Having taken the most exquisite journey, he points out the Path to us for us to decide which steps we might to take next. 

The huckster tells us exactly where we must go and exactly what we must believe. Whitley and his guest hosts Marla Frees, William Henry, Anne Strieber, and Jim Marrs only ask that we lend an ear and listen to the information and speculation they offer. The phrase “knowledge is power" has been beaten to death and has even been taken over by the corporate world as justification for personal intrusion into our lives. Knowledge used wisely is real power for the individual as well as the society and the world as a whole.

Where we go from there is all up to us.

In future post I may follow any particular breadcrumb or just share my thoughts about a guest or his/her stories, theories or insights. I may be more critical or hesitant to follow a certain guest's leads, not because they are lies or delusions. Rather, because it may just not feel right to me. A thing being true or not has never depended on my believing it. I don't imagine that will change in the near future.  

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