Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Island of Misfit Toys

The drive from Chautauqua County NY to Nashville is about a 10 hr drive, which is one of the reasons I went - it was within a reasonable driving distance. The other reason I went was because I made the Communion jewelry which Whitley’s friend, Steve Neill, designed and sculpted. I also made some Rosslyn Chapel Greenman jewelry to take in honor of Anne Strieber, and made a commemorative pin for the festival. I did all this after already deciding to go since I missed last year due to a Matrix Energetics blowout.

On the trip to the 2nd Dreamland festival in Nashville Tennessee my daughter, Dani, was trying to reassure me that it would be fun, trying to offset my trepidation about going. I never met any of Dreamland’s hosts or any of its other small but loyal group of followers, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have interacted with them on the forums and chat. But that isn’t the same as face to face. I knew they were an intelligent, not easily led bunch just from the nature of Whitley’s, and the other host’s, approach to the whole Streiberian realm of topics. My daughter who is a big fan of Whitley and his work wasn’t as familiar with the other hosts. She has heard them., but doesn’t listen to every show. She is finishing university and working, on top of doing the other typical media multitasking like most other students in their 20s. 

I was amused that she was the youngest one there. But perhaps like Jim Mars pointed out, people under 30 just take for granted that UFOs, psychic mediumship, ancient hidden knowledge, secret societies, and spiritual awakening are all real. She really enjoyed herself there. All of the speakers are so approachable. She was intimidated by the thought talking to Whitley or Anne though. I fully understand that, and told her I kind of felt the same. This was not due to anything the Strieber’s did. They were as warm and open and accessible as anyone could be. They didn’t duck out between talks but happily talked to anyone who approached them. 

Marla Frees..well what can you say but WOW! She really got everyone’s full attention by connecting people with their loved ones and giving the hard non-sugar coated information that comes through. If you need a loving reassuring message or a good swift kick in the butt (she can do that too). I think the phrase from her website says it best. A reading from Marla may not be what you expect - but it is exactly what you need. She gave quite a few mini readings she calls Kamikaze readings. Every person I talked to who had one of these was gobsmacked after their reading. John Edward move over! My Daughter really liked her presentation as well as Marla offstage. 

William Henry gave an amazing presentation on what he calls Stargate Christianity. It seems to be where his work has led him., and it is powerful in its truth. I have read quite a bit by William, but the way he presents it live , gives it the emotion , humor and humanity that is William. If we are to become these new Light Beings like Jesus we need to discover once again lives driven by love and hope instead of fear. William Henry is our guide. He is daring to go were too few have gone before, to rediscover how we can all reconnect with God and our true selves. I have noticed William has changed over the past couple years from a researcher gathering facts and connecting the dots, to a guide climbing up then reaching back to grab us by the hand and help lift us up out of the carnal cloak that we are now bound in - quantum consensus reality that tells us we are only our bodies and nothing more. 

Jim Mars is riveting, entertaining, and knowledgeable. You may not agree with everything he says in the conspiracy department. I had a discussion with one person who agreed with “almost “everything he said, or he at least was willing to entertain the possibilities of these things being true. He is an older gentleman who has only been exposed to all of this UFO and hidden history stuff for just over a year. I said that maybe not all of Jims conclusions are true but……you can be sure most of them are - that is the point! I said Jim has been researching and documenting this stuff for decades. If you think he is making any of this up just do a little research. I give this guy I spoke with a hell of a lot of credit for being able to absorb so much of this in such a short amount of time. Most in our society would have smoke pouring out of their ears at start repeating the mantras like “ it can’t be true, everyone knows its impossible, mass hallucination, etc. : you’ve heard them all.

Linda Moulton Howe gave a great talk complete with many photos and diagrams to help the audience to follow the information. From Crop circles and the messages they may give, to Drones and the bizarre ways they may work, Linda took us step by step to help us understand the mathematics and reality of them that pegs-out the credibility meter well into in the red zone, even for those of us who as Jim Marrs said, have minds that are so open things start to fall out. Thanks Linda for doing the hard research to bring it all together.

Anne Strieber talked about the hundreds of thousands of letter she read, sent by people who read Communion. So many had experiences that had disturbed them for years and no one to tell. Anne took on the yoke to help them, and us, grasp the complexity that is the Visitor phenomenon. She read some experiences the Dreamland Festival members wrote down and placed in a jar. She reassured us that those of us who had the fortune or misfortune to bump up against the abyss in our lives are not alone. She informed and she comforted. Not a bad combination of hats to wear, if you could only pick two.

Last is Whitley. I assume everyone here is familiar with him and his work. He is Whitley! The man behind the machine. He is intelligent, informed on an amazingly broad range of topics, and quite funny. A speaker that grabs your attention and holds it - even if the message comes out as a pondering whisper at times. What did he talk about? It is not so much what he talked about as his presence while talking. He talked about the Visitors. He talked about the future and the past of humanity. Mostly he talked about US! What we really are - what we really can become again if we are brave enough to face the enigmatic challenges the Visitors have presented us with; To ‘Have joy” and to embrace a new world “if we can take it”. How do we accomplish this , or more importantly , where do we begin? 

This takes me back to the title of this post - The Island of Misfit Toys”. most of you probably have seen the stop-action animation of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that came out in the 60s and was played on TV every year for Christmas. The narrator was the unique voice of Burl Ives as the snowman. I got to hear him perform live at Chautauqua Institution in the 80s. He sat on the stage with his guitar and didn’t use a mike - he didn’t need one.

When I joked with my Daughter and compared the Dreamland gathering to the island of Misfit Toys she thought I was being mean. Quite the contrary. I am proud to count myself as one of those marginalized by our society because they don’t fit in the very narrow constraining “normal” box. The toys were sad that they weren’t wanted by most, but …they had the comfort of each other. A small group gathered in Nashville to hear things that were profound, things that were true. We gathered to share in the common frustration that so few are open to these profound truths - to this potential of this awakening. There were no tinfoil hats, only intelligent people with open hearts and open minds. 

It didn’t look like Whitley drank enough at the restaurant on Saturday night to make his nose glow red ( that task was assigned to Jim Marrs I think ). His work does do the same though. He leads the way for us in a night so dark few can see past their nose , let alone past tomorrow, or next year, or 2012, or beyond. . I asked my daughter on the trip back how she would sum up the overall message of the Festival and she immediately replied “ Love”. I hadn’t thought of that ( crap-upstaged again!) and couldn’t have put it any better myself. The message most of us got from the Island of misfit toys was the same as the message Both Whitley and William proclaimed - live from the heart and live for others, in other words; love. The new commandments which Jesus gave us were to love god with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. You follow these and the rest fall in place. William added that if not loving God with all your heart, love ‘SOMETHING” with all your heart - in other words live with a passion for something. Being that light of the world may be a big part of the key for opening the Light Body William speaks about. 

If so, Hermy, Santa’s elf who only wanted to be a dentist, is a good model for us. So On Whitley on William , on Marla, on Jim, on Linda, on Anne…on Dreamland, leading us ahead with a sleigh full of gifts and wonder. Thank you, and thanks to everyone who was there. It was a fun trip to the edge.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Critical Mass Book Trailer - Whitley's New Book

Click on the link below to watch the 3 min. trailer about whitley's new book.

Criticall Mas Book Trailer

you can buy the book in your local bookstore or from Whitley's Website store below:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Aboard...Next Stop ???

Whitley interviewed William Henry on both Dreamland, and the subsciber only interview on Feb 6th.  Both were wonderful, the more intimate one in the paid section ended with Whitley saying how he would love to go on more trips like the one's William takes to Egypt, but he has to watch his checkbook. It was kind of a suprise. A Famous novelist, who has had a few books made into movies, a popular website and online weekly show, dropping coins into a glass jar in hopes of someday going to Egypt. 

It is kind of funny, like finding out the guy who plays the Maytag repairman in commercials is saving up to buy a washer and dryer of his own in real life. I realized that Dreamland was very much akin to those travel shows. One week you are experiencing the ruins of Greece ( albeit vicariously ) and the next you are given a taste of what it is like to be in Germany for Octoberfest. 

The places Whitley and Co. and his guests take us are more off the beaten path than Berlin or Buckingham Palace, they cross galaxies, or dimensions, or time itself. I don't recall any Dreamland  interviews about bungie jumping or scuba diving with sharks. I do recall being transported to other lands, other times, other ways of interacting with reality. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

We Are Screwed? Will The Groundhog See His Shadow?

I always thought there was something wrong with me. There was always so much of what was accepted as common knowledge and convention that simply puzzled me. I usually concluded I either didn't have the capacity to understand certain simple systems which most took for granted, or I was cursed with The Emperor Has No Clothes Syndrome, a disease which probably afflicts most people reading this. Sorry, despite society's perpetual effort to wipe it off the face of the earth, it seems to be spreading.

One of the things that confounded me was this thing called The Economy. Economy with a capital E because it is not just a concept, but rather a living fire breathing entity that has its claws always around our throats, ready to lift us to new heights with its gargantuan wings if we do as it says, or singe us to a crisp should our actions displease it, should we not obey its will.

Trading grain for cloth or labor for shelter, that kind of thing, is easy to comprehend. Even the more complex system most of us work at the end of, where a person gets paid money for goods or services is pretty easy to follow. Small business is also easier to comprehend - products or services are which have a value are offered to other people in exchange for the money they earned, earned usually by being in the loop of offering goods and services themselves.

After this it gets a little fuzzy. Modern banking, Wall Street, and many large corporations have been operating at a level of complexity, fear, greed, and smoke and mirror trickery in the past few decades that the value of a thing is dependent merely on the number a person chooses to assign to it. Heck if it is that easy I will just declare my 1984 Dodge caravan has a value of $27,000 and loan out money based on that value. Does that sound CRAZY? To a large extent that is the kind of thing that has been going on. Or better yet I would create vast amounts of wealth on paper for myself by betting whether the value of my overpriced Caravan would go up or down. Does that sound even CRAZIER? It is. If you listened to Whitley interviewing John Petersen in the January 24th Dreamland you find out just how crazy some of this is - and how scary!

John and Whitley talk about a phenomenon in the stock market called derivatives, which are well beyond smoke and mirrors and well into the category of casino gambling. The difference is after you have lost all your coins in the slot machine the coins still physically exist in the machine. In this case .....POOF...vanished! OK billions in wealth are made from this legal gambling as long as the mirrors don't get smashed and the trillions held within the illusion vanish. If you want a much better description of this read this article in the UK's Independent News 

And you thought the $700 billion bailout was scary. Getting back to my understanding of modern finance, which admittedly may only be one step above the Amish, I do know that the thing our country, my country, has placed value on above all else in the last few decades is greed. 

I am not confusing wealth with greed, nor profit with greed. The motivation for wealth and profit is the thing that has brought us to where we are, to most of the advancements and technological miracles we see all around us. Yes, many were at first concept to better living standards and improve the enjoyment of all people, or just the products of creative minds. But, the mechanics and implementation for the most part, of making the concepts real, came about from the pursuit of wealth and profit. Everybody wants to make a buck. That is not greed. It is how the evolution of commerce has brought us to where we are so far. The greed part, though it has always existed, was never given a place of honor until the late 70s and early 80s.

It was not only given a place of honor, it was elevated on the highest pedestal - the Holy grail of achievement. The American Dream changed fundamentally from succeeding to becoming obscenely wealthy: at any cost - cost to others, that is. I always ask people what the modern image of a successful person is as opposed to the chicken in every pot /car in every garage American Dream of the mid 20th century. The model of the modern "success" is in unwritten, yet we see it in everywhere, TV especially. Who wants to be a Millionaire, The Apprentice, and The Weakest Link teach (I should say reinforce) one thing - Always want more, there is never enough, and it is OK to crush our opponent in the pursuit,the game, to increase your own wealth. You all know the stereotype - Ivy League graduate...millionaire by 30...every personal possession is obscenely expensive and flashy...several multimillion dollar homes throughout the world...retired by 40 to travel the world lavishly...etc. In other words it is a model that is only ever attained by an extremely small group, and even then is more of a cartoon character of outward appearance.

Herbert Hoover's "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" goal was achievable by most, or just out of reach. Simply having steady job brought it within reach. By the 50 it could easily be achieved by most households with only a single income - that American dream also had expanded to the norm of most families actually owning a home, taking regular ( but not opulent ) vacations, and most of all expanded to bring hope for, and belief in, a better future for themselves and their children.  

Where are we now? This new American Dream is not just a lie; it has left a couple of generations hopeless, feeling like failures for their inability to even come close to that Wall Street image of success. The inadequacy and angst that it brings is just another sign we have as a nation failed our children, failed ourselves. The American Dream evolved into unabashed greed. What we are seeing now is the manifestation of that twisted dream. And, we are left with only one question; where do we go from here?

I must say, Whitley's interview of John Petersen didn't provide much comfort. Unless you consider being told you have cancer, but after several major operations you might live, being comforted. I do not. I don't listen to Dreamland to be comforted. Many of the interviews, like the ones with Dr. John Lerma, William Henry, and Dr. Richard Bartlett, to name a small few, do inform, uplift, and enlighten. Many others are about the dark information. Bringing it to the exposure of light can in time transform us all, but hearing about dark information isn't a comfort. 

Both Whitley and John were hopeful...hopeful for a much better, perhaps a drastically different future. That is comforting, and I am thankful to them for that. For the next few years though, the message reminds me of the spoof signs listing instructions on what to do in case of a nuclear explosion - 1. Sit in a chair 2. Breathe normally 3. Put your head between your legs 4. Kiss your ass goodbye!

I have never been good at whistling in the dark. The fact that most people you talk to can "sense" what is coming, doesn't help even if they are good at whistling in the dark. I am reminded of Marla Frees last interview with Anne Strieber as I wrote about in my last post. Max, the crystal skull told Marla, about the future of humanity, "The intervention is Wisdom - Wisdom is understanding Intention". Understanding this concept may be the way out of our current worldwide dilemma. I think it has to do with using our thoughts to intentionally make a better world. And doing it this time from an Intent driven not by greed, but by love.

Will that happen? Is it possible even? What part can I possibly play? Is it too late? Are we Screwed!!? Lots of questions. Not many answers. The Black Swan wild card Whitley and John hinted at might be the key. Will it be in the form of Alien contact or intervention, a pulse from the galactic center, or a more pedestrian process of being destroyed to be reborn anew like a phoenix rising from the ashes? Is William Henry showing us the way with the Light Body? Will going to places like The Monroe Institute, and having a Gateway Experience, help open the doors wide enough for us all to pass through? Maybe it is all of the above and every single thing that leads us away from the material world to the Spiritual. 

For now though, we function in this material world, and that world seem to be coming apart. The looming threat of economic collapse and catastrophic climate change brings no warm fuzzy feelings for the near future. The near future image of ones family, friends, pets, and neighbors starving and dying on a grand scale until things get better tends to override the hope for, and vision of, a better world, even if that world is only a few years away. Yeah, I know...there is no past or future , there is only now...Law of Attraction...manifest your dreams...blah blah, blah...easy to say, harder to live when things get really bad. And they might. And if it happens, we will first have to overcome the fear most of us carry around all the time before we can live in the Eternal Now, or even manifest the next meal for our families. In other words - we will have to learn to Trust in God, in Spirit. Which again, when all your utilities and food supplies are shut off, is a little trickier to do for most people. Yet it may be exactlywhat is needed, what is required of us. 

I think John and Whitley are right; we will rise to the occasion - dragged kicking and screaming. I am not looking forward to it though. Can't you just wake me up when we get there? Sigh!...guess not, since the process IS the Awakening.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I just finished listening to Anne Strieber interviewing Marla Frees about her recent 2nd "visit" with Max the crystal skull in the Unknown Country subscriber’s section. Anne has such a casual conversational interview style, without pretensions, that you never doubt her sincerity, even if the information is difficult to swallow. Hearing Marla talk, if you didn't know about her amazing talents, you might think she was just a local you would run into as you stopped in the corner store to buy a coffee. You know the ones you share banter with and swap updates on the latest neighborhood news. The neighborhood in this case is Dreamland. And listening to these two women talk is like sitting in a restaurant and eavesdropping on the people in the booth behind you. This doesn't diminish the amount of wonderful information - it expands it. These two women know much of the seen and the unseen world , and they are willing to share it all.Lucky for us!

Max! I don't know what to think about Max, really. It is a lot to take on faith without having a meeting with the 18 lb piece of quartz yourself. In the interview Marla describes herself as kind of geeky, and as a person who thinks a good time is sitting at home watching a couple movies. If she dressed in mock native costume and was draped with talismans and crystals, and talked about being a portal for ancient lost knowledge, the information would not only take a back seat to ego - it would also fall flat. I have heard too many interviews where information takes a back seat to personality, where the personality speaks in breathy sweet tones, which to me at least, brings into question the information. Not that they are lying, it is like listening to someone tell a hunting story, where you just know there is some embelishmentto make them seem more special and skilled - bigger. the Story is basically true. You just don't know how much is exaggeration. Yeah they did shoot the trophy buck...but was the shot really at 500 yards while the deer was running,  while they were standing on one leg in a 20 below blizzard five minutes before dusk?

Wane Dyer comes to mind as someone who tries to humbly present information and insights. Interestingly though, if you listen to interviews and watch videos of his earlier work you get a bit of looking down your nose cockiness that is usually absent in him now. It is on outward sign that the information is real. You got a little bit of the same from a much younger Whitley. The tests of truth and time, and overcoming personal struggle just molds people that way I think. Some people like Anne and my friend Keith from Scotland had to go to the teetering edge of the cliff of death for certain profound knowledge and changes to occur. Marla, and I am guessing here, may have been shaped, in a large way, by a lifetime of struggle pushing against and through the veil that separates not only the living from the dead, but also separates us, each from the other.

Max told Marla "there are only 3 things you really need to think about". 1. It is all about love as opposed to fear, according to Max. It's not a new message. Many people who have had NDEs, like Dannion Brinkley will tell you the same thing. 2. Thoughts become matter... again, not a new message really, though it doesn't lessen the reality altering implications for the individual and the planet. 3. When Max said the third thing she had to know it was really interesting to me. "The intervention is Wisdom - Wisdom is understanding Intention". Hmmm..I will have to think about that one for a while.

Max said some rather funny and interesting things before the "3 things". He told her "she was not cool", and told her to "Take a walk on the wild side" by singing the song with those lyrics. Then he showed her a grave site and said isn't it funny that people think the souls are there - it is just a boneyard. That struck me as kind of odd in that it was like telling an Eskimo that it snows in Winter.

Marla's husband Jeff had some really interesting experiences/interactions also it seems. 

Take a walk on the wild side? Well...I think it has something to do with communicating with aliens. I don't know why. It Could just be because, where else do you go from communicating with the dead, getting psychic information, remote viewing, and last but not least - talking to crystal skulls?

Anne made the observation about most people living in fear almost all the time on some level. That seems about right. The “The intervention is Wisdom - Wisdom is understanding Intention" quote may concern that mostly. As just words - it all sounds so simple.

The interview was also filled with personal insights into the lives of both of these women who make helping others a personal commitment, a way of living. Anne Strieber may come across as an average person, but her having personally read over half-a-million letters from people who had UFO/Alien encounters, makes her THE expert on the subject in many ways.

The talking Crystal Skull part? Decide for yourselves. Don't miss the interview if you are a subscriber. If you are not it is only $19.75 for 6 months. The 2 shows you can download a week alone are worth it.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Cult of Denial

There is a club with an enormous membership, and relatively little qualification to join. It is the Cult of Denial. The denial of what? The denial of EVERYTHING that is outside of the narrow belief's of the mainstream. I knew it existed - it always had. My trip to Georgia and Florida brought it into an undeniable reality for me; I could no longer deny its real strength.

OK - I live in the Northeastern US. I grew up in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania. I don't want to make this a North VS South post. The Cult has a strong foothold in all of America. I now live in Western New York, and people always assume I live near New York City. Even people in my own state, the Eastern part that is, are baffled to realize that there is civilization beyond Albany, and I think sometimes they think Western New Yorkers still all live in log cabins and trade with the Indians. When I tell them I live closer to Fort Wayne Indiana, Kalamazoo Michigan, and Charleston West Virginia than to New York City, I get reactions of disbelief. Most boys in my school, as kids, hunted and fished and were obsessed with anything motorized. I was no exception.

I was always obsessed with the paranormal. There were few books or magazines on anything fringe, especially UFOs, in the early 70s. So what I found I read. The little pocket books of Unusual Tales of the Strange and Unbelievable were great. They were a mix of real accounts and local legends sometimes. That was OK. I remember one UFO comic book from the late 60s, I think, that had true story of 2 boys who saw aliens and were so frightened their hair turned white. For some reason my brother and I both remember how that story struck terror into our hearts and we wondered if the same fate might befall us should we run across aliens in the middle of the woods.

That never happened...thank God...and decades later the information available is not only much more objective but the quantity and quality of UFO books, magazines, and Internet databases and testimonials point to the undeniable fact that it is not all just imagination, well undeniable if a person does even the tiniest amount of research. I do mean a tiny amount.

I do run into lots of people who laugh at the very mention of UFOs. I am OK with that now. Where I used to bite my lip when the subject came up for fear of the almost inevitable response, I now usually speak up. The "almost inevitable" response was most always in the form of an instant visual image of me flashed in the other people's eyes. You can tell from the looks and comments you usually get. I think the picture of me was something like this: A stupid Hillbilly who never graduated 5th grade, never recovered from the Scopes Monkey trial, can't count past 20 without taking off his socks, and in general has zero understanding of any scientific "fact" after 1700. Because, as most people know...UFOs are not real - PERIOD! Anyone who believes in them, or even entertains a thought they are not hallucinations of a hick who drank too much moonshine, is a kook...or a hillbilly....usually both - end of discussion. 

I am sure most of you have heard the phrases - no hard evidence...little green men...Whitehouse lawn...impossible to get here from there...etc. And, let's not forget the easy explanations for all of them - swamp gas...Venus...meteors...flocks of geese...common aircraft...etc. You can't argue with complete denial, short of producing a 1 mile long UFO and hovering it silently over their wait, remember the Phoenix lights? Even that isn't enough. It is not even enough to make most cult members hesitate. Ridicule of course being their most effective weapon to stop the enemy - to kill the messenger.

I was amazed at, not the number in the cult in the South, but the unwavering lockstep acceptance of the big package of denial beliefs -The denial Handbook, if you will, like Mao's Little Red Book. It is rote memory though, I don't think there is an actual handbook...hmmm. Or IS there? If so my copy got lost in the mail. Some verses might read like this: 

Global Warming / Climate Change- all lies meant to hurt the working mans ability to make a decent living. 

Corporate Greed - Made up by the intellectual Ivy League elite.

Science - it has all the answers and if it can't be measured by whatever equipment exists at the time it just plain cannot exist. 

Government - they don't keep secrets from the public, but if they do it is only to help kill bad guys. Plus if they do keep secrets it is for our own good so be a good patriot and shut up.

The Economy- The main purpose of government is to aide the economy. The main purpose in life is making a living. The Economy is fine...everything will be fine...if only the Government would get off the back of Big Business, which after all only has the working man's best interest at heart.( see definition of global warming above)

Spirituality and God - can be of some use in earning a living/ keeping order, but don't quit your day job to pursue either. Rules about how everyone should act are good; otherwise how anyone would know if their neighbors were breaking the rules and needed to be punished.

UFOs - Can't possibly be real or The Government (see above) would have told us. THE END.

The Free Press - If any of the above facts were not true it would be on the nightly news. Everybody knows that.

All those things just can't be argued with. Am I being judgmental? Somewhat, yes. I have seen a big change over the past 20 years. I thought the tide was turning, that we as a national/world were reaching critical mass, which would expose the Cult of Denial and thereby render it harmless and useless. 

Now after my trip to the South...I think it could be a lot further off than I had thought, and hoped. I have quite a few friends in the North who think exactly the same. They are folks who would drop anything and run to help you if you needed it. In fact, one of my best friends from high school was the person I went on my trip south with. We work on auto repair and construction projects for each other. I can take a pile of lumber and turn it into a piece of furniture or a house, and he can take a car which I would want to take a sledge to in frustration, and make it run smooth as silk. Our work ethic is the same. The way we view the world is not the same He believes the US should kill all the Arabs....problem solved. His IQ is higher than mine. He has read far more than do me, but not about the kind of things you might run into on Dreamland. 

He was giving me a synopsis of one fantasy book where the creatures in it could move through time at will...past present or future. He thought that concept was fascinating. So, I told him about the REAL US Military remote viewing program and how they found past and future were all just as easy to remote view as the present. Guess the response.

So we may be closer to awakening as a species...just not as close as I had tried to optimistically convince myself we were. My feelings in such interactions with Cult members are complex. It is usually not anger. Can you get mad at a person who fell into the most well disguised trap? It is not superiority, again, it is such an expertly planned trap it has trapped the best of us at times. The main emotion is usually sadness. Sadness that the sole purpose of the Cult is to keep people from knowing themselves, what they really are – or can become. It keeps them from God. Another emotion may be an odd form of gratitude, being grateful that some of us have escaped or wiggled free, or had the door wedged ajar by people like the Dreamland Gnostics. It is a gratitude which is squeezed thin, at times, by the weight of the knowledge that humanity is so expertly and subtly controlled. Exploring the Unknown Country it a little like eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Evil? The difference being that this time instead of being forced from the Garden of Eden, we are welcomed back home.

Friday, January 16, 2009

William Henry - Investigative Mythologist Plus a whole lot more

William Henry has been on the scene for quite a while now. What scene you may ask? The one that shows a guy running around the globe trying to bring into the light what has only been glimpsed in the shadows by relatively few to date. And the good part is that he is always making sure that we are along for the ride.

His books are like Douglass Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in fact you could call them just that - and not be too far off the mark. The connections William makes with ancient secrets/teachings/technology begin with his earlier books in the fashion of a historian putting together the pieces of a puzzle that, when combined, show the big picture of how the ancients were able to do amazing things with both the physical reality of stone and metal, and the spiritual reality of Christ and KA.

It is when archeological inquiries become more than scientific objective what-ifs that things get really interesting. Do read the earlier books. The information in them is to be found nowhere else in so many cases. The reason is that you are not just getting facts and dates - you are also getting William, and his unique insights. But, in later works like the The Light body Effect, Morph: The Secret of Light Body Activation, you find a man immersed in the power of the information, not just a man connecting the dots. It is sort of like comparing someone writing the history of astronauts who have gone to the moon, with an actual astronaut who has been to the moon who tells his own story of the awe and wonder of it. I am, of course referring to Edgar Mitchell's story about his life altering blissful experience of being connected with the Universe/God on his trip back from the moon.  Dr. Mitchel, like William Henry, found the truth of his profound awareness not in modern psychological or physiological research- but in ancient text.

Armchair historians are in no way to be written off, much of history is the dot the i, cross the t, tick-tock research that is needed to put an enormous volume of information into an educated guess, readable form. William has done that, as can be seen by the volume of information he has researched so far. What you also get that is unique; however, is his willingness to follow his intuition. "Whoa" may say..."following his intuition is not scientific and therefore not valid research". In throughout history, no one had ever followed intuition or hunches, history would be pretty sparse. The book of the History of Mankind might be very short. It would read something like this: Chapter -1 We hunt and eat berries. Chapter 2- That is bloody well good enough for shut up, go away, and pick some more berries! THE END.

When William tells you about being in the pyramids and having a profound experience you know that he has crossed the line from just chronicler to chronicler/participant. Has his objectivity gone to the four winds at that point? Perhaps somewhat. I see that as good because revelations and advancement come about, not from people asking the same questions, experiencing the same told things, or looking in the same direction hoping to see something different. Nor do they come about because a chronicler tells what has ALREADY happened...not what is possible.

I am not sure if the word connections William makes between modern English and similar sounding words or phrases from ancient texts are significant or not. Some are undeniably on target, but others seem to bepushing the envelope of credulity. Is the language of the Birds also the language of the Bards? As far as ancient pictures or sculptures go, are some depicting stargates or machines that work with the soul? If so, how could any of it be proved? I am not the scholar William is, so I read what he has written and listen to what he might say, and make my own judgements base on what I already might know. Discoveries, questions, and theories aren’t proof…but it is a start – it is where you always start.

Before any of it could be proved you have to first ask the questions..."what is that weird thing they are holding, and which they speak of in the texts, and how might it do what they say it does?" William asks those questions, which most others either are afraid to ask for fear of peer ridicule, or don't have the insight to ask. There is a trend with historians studying ancient cultures to label what they understand as accurate history, and what they do not as mythology, or superstition. If the history of the 20th century were to be read by someone living in the not to distant past, say the 1600s, they might think talk of television , satellites, laser surgery, and pretty much any high technology of the latter 20th was mythology or fantasy. What would they think of modern fighter jets or worst, nuclear weapons? We may well be reading about a technology we simply don't understand. That is understandable. It is people like William Henry who are trying to understand for us. So let's give him some rope...not to hang himself, but to pull us along in his exploration and discoveries. 

Some of his hunches may turn out to be incorrect - fine! Some, however, may lead us to a new understanding of our past, and more importantly our place in creation and the hidden power we might all have access to, the power to evolve consciously. Some red herrings and wrong turns are always present in the effort to piece together the hidden knowledge of cultures long dead. We only have their pictures, text, and oral histories to go by. The secret teachings were just that - secret, passed on to the few. They left clues though, that the initiated might read the road signs. That is what William is trying to do. That is what he is doing.

It is interesting, but after writing the above I took a break and downloaded this week's Dreamland shows. One was William talking about the secrets of the US Capitol building, the other was an older interview with William from 2001. This reinforced the observation that William has evolved into more than a historian putting the puzzle pieces together. He has discovered the abilities that lie dormant, maybe within us all. He has discovered that ancient monuments like the Great Pyramid is more than a well assembled pile of rectangular stones, if only one knows how to work it. 

I remember seeing a picture of the one of the first particle accelerators, shown below. The Cockcroft-Walton (CW) generator was the part of it that powered their particle accelorator. It is really a beautiful work of art. It was also instumental in the develpoment of the first atomic-bomb. I can picture it in a sculpture with 2 Egyptians Gods  standing beside it with hieroglyphs cascading all around - which would translate roughly "splitting atoms". If an archeologists  saw a depiction of it in a bas relief carving, knowing nothing about its real purpose, what might she deduce about it? What if there were descriptions of its use also? Would it be described as religious mythology? I think the train of thought might go like this…” This culture believed there were these invisible particles that can’t be seen, but which that make up everything in the universe, and this machine sends them around and makes them run into each other” Though the white lab coats aren’t as dramatic as a good jackal head or ibis mask, the images would be considered only as fanciful tale from a people ignorant of how the “real world” works. 

So my hat is off to William. For trying to decipher what the ancient cultures are trying to tell us, for knowing that knowledge can be lost, and if rediscovered, can benefit the present: and mold a new and better future. I don’t know which discoveries will turn out to be unfounded, or which will, once returned to us from the past, benefit us in ways unimagined. I do know treasures cannot be found without seeking, both in the inner world as well as the outer world. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marla Frees - Psychic/Medium/Dreamland Host

In life you run into people of integrity, not very often, but you know them when you see them, so to speak. We are also are influence by others, either through direct contact or by their words. Many times they are teachers, either professionally, or it is just the way they are, the way they interact with their world - they pass along knowledge and mostly wisdom. What teachers do best is to teach us how to LIVE in this world; it is the underlying message that is the bedrock of whatever information they may pass along.

Marla Frees interviewed Dr. Richard Bartlett on Dreamland in the Spring of 2008. He wrote the book, Matrix Energetics: the Art & Science of Transformation. If you have read Richard Bartlett's book or heard him being interviewed, or been to one of his seminars you know that he is such a man of integrity. I came to realize that Matrix Energetics is about far more than relieving physical pain, which it can be used for. I also came to realize that it has a Mind of Its Own. It can do things on its own without your knowledge, or approval for that matter. ME can do things, make things happen, that may not feel good, Hell, they can feel awe full in fact, yet the outcome is positive and life advancing. If ME asked you first “Is it OK if I break you down to build you back up", you will probably say "NO, no thank you, I like my mental and physical comfort, please ask me in a few months. I might be willing to consider it then, thank you very much!"

Other people of integrity come to mind. Buckminster Fuller has been a hero of mine for many years. I got interested when I build a geodesic dome house for some people back in my contracting days. His simple goal was to see what one person could do for humanity in a lifetime. Another is person of integrity is Whitley Strieber. He is an exceedingly intelligent and knowledgeable man. Listen to him on his show, Dreamland, and you will know the depth of his questions and understanding about the nature and complexity of Humankind. He is thought of by many as that nutter anal probe guy. He, however, has shown an unwavering integrity and the courage to ask tough questions, to interview other important teachers, to get the information out, information about not just aliens and UFOs , but about the wonderful as well as the wicked event taking place in our world : in our souls. Enter Marla Frees.

Whitley made Marla a regular interviewer on his show Dreamland at . She interviewed Dr. Richard Bartlett on the show in March 2008. Marla had taken the Matrix seminar which made the interview that much more interesting. It was my first exposure to ME, it whetted my appetite. "Could this be real ?" I asked myself. So I bought the book and there began my own Matrix journey.

Well, turns out Matrix Energetics is real, as is Marla. The difference between the two is that if you poke Marla with a stick she will probably react....not so ME. Marla calls herself a psychic medium. Saying the words psychic medium already either call up images good or bad, as our society seems to have polarized these words. On one hand you have those who immediately write psychics, mediums, or both o as charlatans preying on vulnerable people with weak minds who have "sucker born a minute ago" stamped on their foreheads. Or on the other end of the spectrum you have those who swallow hook line and sinker anything anyone with the title psychic or medium say as concrete absolute gospel and speak of it in tones which would lead one to believe they were talking of a famous Rock star.

I live 14 miles away from Lily Dale NY, the largest Spiritualist community in the world. Many residents there are mediums who hang out a shingle by their house and give hourly reading in return for American dollars. I have never had a reading at Lily Dale, unless you call the quick mini reading in a group setting one. That one was so far off the mark it felt a little awkward. I never paid a psychic or a reading , not because I thought they were hoaxsters, it was the thought of parting with $50 only to have someone tell you " you have an elderly gentleman who has passed who says you are going on a trip". I other words, none of them ever "felt right" enough to me to open my wallet. I have known people to get wonderful readings; giving such specific details that there was no question the information was not just cold reading. On the other hand I have known some who felt they were just throwing money down a rat hole. I simply decided not to gamble.

Back to Matrix AND Marla. I have mentioned in an earlier blog that within a week or two after Reading the Matrix Energetics book, all hell broke loose in my life. It felt like my world was coming to an end. Dramatic, I know how it sounds, but at the time that is how it felt. I needed help. Through a series of coincidences I contacted Marla to have a reading, to find some answers, to tap into whatever help I could get to help Me through this. I didn't relate any of this to ME, why would I? It was Marla who first made the possible connection.

I don't want to go into a massive amount of detail about the reading/dialogue/interaction. It would take too much time, would be painful, and would be difficult to relay how what she said was significant to me...and to ME! One significant similarity to ME is that when having a session with Marla, you also create a Sacred Space where transformation can occur.

What Marla repeatedly says is that she trusts Spirit, and allows what spirit has to say come through her. She doesn't have to know what significance the information might have; she just trusts it is useful for the person she is interacting with. It must have taken years to get to the point of trusting and acting on that. I have known few who were able to act on faith in any aspect in their lives. I include myself with those who do not trust going where Spirit guides ( or shoves ) them. I am getting better at it though, since practicing ME.

So was she right on target 100% of the time? No. Does that make the significant information any less significant? Also no. Does any doctor get the diagnosis right 100% of the time? Another big no there. Would that mean you would rule out consulting a doctor? Once again no. What it does mean is that you enter into a relationship where two people are interacting with the intent of getting some insights as to what the problems are and how they can be "healed". A doctor uses his/her medical training and knowledge and an enormous database of information to find heal. Psychics and mediums on the other hand, I think, tap into a database that is, perhaps, infinite.

How does Marla, or any psychic or medium do what they do? I don't know? I don't think it matters. I would ask each of you where your flashes if insight or intuition come from, however small? Somewhere from that infinite Zero Point? When they come do you have the skill and the courage to trust them? Cutting edge quantum physics, as I understand it, tends to prove mysterious powers of the mind rather than disproving them. Past present and future, maybe time itself, may just be constructs of our minds. Scientists are doing research on time travel and teleportation...and yet we don't throw them in the same basket with psychics and mediums and label them all frauds. Should you consult a psychic or a medium? It does cost slightly less than a particle accelerator and the gained information may be more useful in your day to day life than colliding theoretical particles that might not even exist. Spend the money you saved not buying a collider and take a little trip, or maybe purchace a small island country.

It can give you insights you may not get on your own, give you closure, help you heal. A session with Marla can also be FUN. She says “a session with her might not be what you expect - but it is exactly what you need". I would agree. If Matrix Energetics, or whatever else, nudges you in her direction, do what you would do with ME- go with what shows up because there are forces that know what is better for us than our own limited thinking minds.  

It is nice to get messages from loved one's who have passed. It is also nice to be helped by a person with integrity and compassion who is grateful to take part in doing the greater work. Marla's connection with Matrix Energetics is icing on the cake. Visit Marla's bog Marla Frees Light    for some interesting reading or visit her website .   Or you can click the links at the right.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Speaking of The Path...

Of Whitley’s many successful books over the years, one book, The Path, stands out as a handbook for navigating your own way through this point A to point B escapade called life. Like a trip around a Monopoly board, the shrewd may get the chance to own property on Park Place and collect fabulous amounts of cash from those who dwell there for a time. You may also wind up in jail. Pay tax, utilities, get money from the bank, and in the end all but the few will go bankrupt. Hold on a minute! This is WAY too real for comfort. You roll the dice you make the moves the dice skipping unpleasant spaces, no passing, and no free will as to which spaces you might want to explore a while longer. The guy behind you needs to roll his dice and follow the rules so get in line! It really is a fun game which can bring out the best and the worst in people. Same goes for playing real life too.

This is where The Path takes a different turn than most than most other "let me tell you how to get around the board and end up on top” guidebooks. It points out that it is just a game, more of a stage play, that is. A stage play where we are all merely actors, and all that is illuminated by the lights is carefully crafted to be so believeble, that we are totally swept up in the story unfolding before us, every sensation and thought tied in to the twist and turns of the unfolding plot. You are rising up toward the peak at one  point in life and falling backwards into the valley the next. Someone lands on your property and pays up = glee. You then land on another's little square and hand over a wad of your own hard earned fistful of monopoly Money = resentment.

What Whitley’s book The Path teaches you , much like Echart Tolle's book A New Earth, is to consciously have some part of you stands back and be the observer of your life, see it as the game played out . See it as the Play. The tragedies and triumphs continue and some part of you can remain uncrushed by the crashing in and out tide. A part of you can see the bigger picture and thereby experience the emotions without being consumed by them.

When I describe The Path to people I usually say it is as spiritual as any text you may find. The drawback for many to accepting its truths may be that they are presented by the canvas or the 22 Major Tarot cards. Using the most ancient form of the Tarot - TAROT DE MARSEILLE, accurately restored and reprinted in France. If the cards were use only as metaphor it would be profound enough. The idea that an ancient mystery school teaching is contained within the images on the cards is more difficult to realize. A visual language that your subconscious may very well be able to read but your thinking mind sees as a disjointed array of interesting color patches and quirky figures and animals. Some cards, at first glance, seem easier to understand, like The Lover or the Tower of Destruction. The symbology is not Satanic, but  think of it instead as being composed of archetypes that speak directly to the human soul, bypassing the tendency to label everything as either good or evil. It bypasses our need to label everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING! Look around at all the objects in the space you are in right now and say it is not true. 

Others  cards, such as The Moon or the The Wheel of Fortune, start the mind spinning as it tries to put the images into a recognized file category. What Whitley says happened to him many years ago was that he was given an entire system of the meaning and use of the cards as he moved from one room in his house to the next. It might be comparable an instant download and installation of a program on your computer. So the book sets out to explain the system of gaining access to the information encoded in the cards. He does this methodically one card at a time. There are others that work in groups of three that balance each other.

Does he do a good job at explaining the system with its 22 parts working both individually as well as, all, interacting each with the other at the same time? Yes ...and no. Yes, in that it is clearly written and not clouded with flowery esoteric language to try to wow the reader with his awesome mastery of this powerful wisdom. He does not require that you accept without any proof, that there are some frightful looking deities shaping your actions from the invisible realm. He speaks of my/your own inner life, and how it can, by awareness of the movement of our own game pieces around the board, be made richer. He shows us one of the faces of God if we can bare to look directly at Him.

Now for the "no" part of his transferring this system to us. The simplicity and complexity of this little book could not possibly be known just by reading its relatively few pages. Like any system it must be practiced. To take one sacred text, The Bible, as a comparison, how many get the meanings of its verse without some other interpretation? Tens of thousands of books and articles have been written to try to explain to people what the words actually to apply them to your life. Isn't reading the Bible itself all you need to become a Christian? Forget the narrative stories of The Bible; wouldn't just reading the actual words of Jesus be enough to know? Seem not for most folks.

There are no teams of translators trying to decipher for us the meaning of The Path, or how each passage might be practiced in our everyday to gain eternal life. There is only each of us individually who must take this clearly written teaching and figure out how to put it into practice so we might gain something deeper, something better.

For me, I am not diligent about ritual. I tend to go where each day might lead. I don't tend to make long term plans because I don't believe anyone can mold the future by pure force of will. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, as the modern Western wisdom would like us to think? Maybe to some extent. That philosophy, is the wisdom of Force..and as Whitley teaches us about the card of Strength/Force; use just enough not to destroy what you are trying to change. How many millions of people have attained the apex of success only to be thrust back to the depths in the blink of an eye?

I had just read the book a few months before my mother lay dying in a Pittsburgh's Mercy Hospital. Seven days after discovering her previous surgery did not get all the cancer cells, she quickly gave in to its draw away from this world, to one I am not familiar with. Everyone had given her the prognosis of many more years of her gentle life. As with anyone in this situation, it is tragic and emotional. We spent the week in the hospital in a room for families in such situations. They were so kind there.

This relates to The Path because the practice of having a part of you watching yourself from outside of yourself, in a compassionate detached way, was helpful to me. I spent long periods in a windowed side room watching the snow falling on the city while I listened to the BBCs radio enactment of Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings on my Walkman. As I tried to get my mind off the loss of my Mother I saw me, sitting there in that little wing trying to cope. I saw me as if I were watching someone else going through what thousands of others across the world were going through on that same day. And it helped. It helped me to know we are ALL in this life in the same way, with the same pitfalls and the same joys..and ultimately , the same end. We are all actors in this play.

I can no more tell you the all the complexities of The Path in this post, anymore than Whitley, or any other person, could in the limited pages of his small humble book. But it is a start. Whitley is the expert - the teacher. Listening to his talks about The Path on his website give even more insight. I don't pretend to be a master of its teachings. I don't practice the layout of The Path as I tell myself I would like to. I wanted to print out a large poster size picture with the cards in their cross formation so I could sit in front of it daily, visually taking in the images, and making the connections between them and  having them speak to me. I haven't done that yet. I can't promise I will. I do know that what I have gained from the teaching so far, is here for good.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Following My Own Compass

I kind of want to say I don't know where to start, but that isn't really true. When it comes to discussing Whitley Strieber's show, Dreamland I could start on any topic really, the ancient hidden past, exploration of the human potential, the world of Spirit, speculations about the near and distant future, and my favorite UFOs of course. What you would get however, with any of these topics, is a breadcrumb trail always leading back to that little cottage in the woods, or cabin in the woods in this case. Where you would end up is back at Whitley. 

When I think of the vision of a person I tend to think of the totality of a life's work more than a stated purpose a person might themselves make. Track records speak louder than bravado, which seems inevitable when a person sets out to announce a 5 or 10 or 20 year or whatever, plan. Politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities... you name it... have mostly been victims of vanity when comparing their words 20 years on with their actual actions. Not so with Whitley. Where the breadcrumbs lead is to a man who tries to stay in question and be a participant of the moment to moment, being open to allow what comes, to come. After which he describes what he experienced. Sounds simple...right? 

I suppose if he were a film celebrity writing his memoirs about amazing encounters with other celebrities, or about behind the scene hijinx on the set of a blockbuster movie he would be heralded with much fanfare...magazine covers, and appearances on a multitude of TV shows. Instead he is met mostly with ridicule. The tide is turning though, I think. No longer can the life's work of such an articulate and intelligent man be cast aside and forgotten like so many after game interviews of the winning quarterback, or the constant stream of other celebrities pushing their next movie. One reason is that the topics he brings to us are never trivial. They are information concerning all humanity. Another big reason for this may simply be his stubborn nature, not to give up in the face of ridicule and dismissal, because the message was far too important. The message is that WE ARE MORE THAN WE KNOW! The messages, I should say, because they are multilayered in a matrix of subtle yet profound questions. We are more than we know- in many more ways than we know. At the core is also a man who can write, a wordsmith. He was an already successful writer of horror novels before he was thrown into what appears to be both an agonizing yet simultaneously sublime journey.

He writes about a lifelong journey, HIS journey. The celebrities he has met are far more interesting than any you might meet in Hollywood. I speak of both the guests on his radio show as well as those of a more aetheric/alien nature who, both welcomed and unwelcomed, have pierced the veil into his world. 

I, on this end of my computer cannot verify any of it as real or true. That is actually OK, it is not a deal breaker. There is no Rosetta stone to decode if those creatures who have intruded into so many people's lives are as real as meeting a squirrel in the woods. Either may be in  the realm of nuts, or in that of solid physical reality...maybe both at times. For me to dismiss what you experienced, just because I did not, is to travel down the path of fools. The mere volume of otherworldly interactions can only mean not all are illusion. I can verify very little of what anyone claims to have happened to them to be honest. I include the guy down the street telling about his adventures on his last ski vacation. I listen, and I decide for myself. A simple thing to ask for, really - tell me your experiences and leave the rest for me. I've had dealings with enough people to often know within minutes if they are honest. Many of you probably also have the same intuitive sense. It is an ignored part of us.

That leads me back to Whitley and the mass of his work. Dishonest people, as you may have yourself found out, may be smart, but in the test of time they are found out. They change their stories, cover their tracks, dodge questions, and often times shout down their critics as a means of distraction. Whitley's words are consistently humble, direct, and open. He doesn't hold his cards close to his chest and insinuate he has a full house. He lays his cards out before us all and shows he is playing with a full deck. 

The one most telling fact of his truthfulness is the fact that he is all too ready to state that he simply does not know. He doesn't demand that we accept he met with lone Terrestrial Ambassador for the The Intergalactic Council form the Planet Zebulon, or that HE alone is the bearer of the ONE truth passed down only to him as the divine messenger. He is far too intelligent and introspective for that. Not being easily led, he tries not to lead us. Being wise, he doesn't treat his audience like fools. Having taken the most exquisite journey, he points out the Path to us for us to decide which steps we might to take next. 

The huckster tells us exactly where we must go and exactly what we must believe. Whitley and his guest hosts Marla Frees, William Henry, Anne Strieber, and Jim Marrs only ask that we lend an ear and listen to the information and speculation they offer. The phrase “knowledge is power" has been beaten to death and has even been taken over by the corporate world as justification for personal intrusion into our lives. Knowledge used wisely is real power for the individual as well as the society and the world as a whole.

Where we go from there is all up to us.

In future post I may follow any particular breadcrumb or just share my thoughts about a guest or his/her stories, theories or insights. I may be more critical or hesitant to follow a certain guest's leads, not because they are lies or delusions. Rather, because it may just not feel right to me. A thing being true or not has never depended on my believing it. I don't imagine that will change in the near future.