Sunday, February 1, 2009

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I just finished listening to Anne Strieber interviewing Marla Frees about her recent 2nd "visit" with Max the crystal skull in the Unknown Country subscriber’s section. Anne has such a casual conversational interview style, without pretensions, that you never doubt her sincerity, even if the information is difficult to swallow. Hearing Marla talk, if you didn't know about her amazing talents, you might think she was just a local you would run into as you stopped in the corner store to buy a coffee. You know the ones you share banter with and swap updates on the latest neighborhood news. The neighborhood in this case is Dreamland. And listening to these two women talk is like sitting in a restaurant and eavesdropping on the people in the booth behind you. This doesn't diminish the amount of wonderful information - it expands it. These two women know much of the seen and the unseen world , and they are willing to share it all.Lucky for us!

Max! I don't know what to think about Max, really. It is a lot to take on faith without having a meeting with the 18 lb piece of quartz yourself. In the interview Marla describes herself as kind of geeky, and as a person who thinks a good time is sitting at home watching a couple movies. If she dressed in mock native costume and was draped with talismans and crystals, and talked about being a portal for ancient lost knowledge, the information would not only take a back seat to ego - it would also fall flat. I have heard too many interviews where information takes a back seat to personality, where the personality speaks in breathy sweet tones, which to me at least, brings into question the information. Not that they are lying, it is like listening to someone tell a hunting story, where you just know there is some embelishmentto make them seem more special and skilled - bigger. the Story is basically true. You just don't know how much is exaggeration. Yeah they did shoot the trophy buck...but was the shot really at 500 yards while the deer was running,  while they were standing on one leg in a 20 below blizzard five minutes before dusk?

Wane Dyer comes to mind as someone who tries to humbly present information and insights. Interestingly though, if you listen to interviews and watch videos of his earlier work you get a bit of looking down your nose cockiness that is usually absent in him now. It is on outward sign that the information is real. You got a little bit of the same from a much younger Whitley. The tests of truth and time, and overcoming personal struggle just molds people that way I think. Some people like Anne and my friend Keith from Scotland had to go to the teetering edge of the cliff of death for certain profound knowledge and changes to occur. Marla, and I am guessing here, may have been shaped, in a large way, by a lifetime of struggle pushing against and through the veil that separates not only the living from the dead, but also separates us, each from the other.

Max told Marla "there are only 3 things you really need to think about". 1. It is all about love as opposed to fear, according to Max. It's not a new message. Many people who have had NDEs, like Dannion Brinkley will tell you the same thing. 2. Thoughts become matter... again, not a new message really, though it doesn't lessen the reality altering implications for the individual and the planet. 3. When Max said the third thing she had to know it was really interesting to me. "The intervention is Wisdom - Wisdom is understanding Intention". Hmmm..I will have to think about that one for a while.

Max said some rather funny and interesting things before the "3 things". He told her "she was not cool", and told her to "Take a walk on the wild side" by singing the song with those lyrics. Then he showed her a grave site and said isn't it funny that people think the souls are there - it is just a boneyard. That struck me as kind of odd in that it was like telling an Eskimo that it snows in Winter.

Marla's husband Jeff had some really interesting experiences/interactions also it seems. 

Take a walk on the wild side? Well...I think it has something to do with communicating with aliens. I don't know why. It Could just be because, where else do you go from communicating with the dead, getting psychic information, remote viewing, and last but not least - talking to crystal skulls?

Anne made the observation about most people living in fear almost all the time on some level. That seems about right. The “The intervention is Wisdom - Wisdom is understanding Intention" quote may concern that mostly. As just words - it all sounds so simple.

The interview was also filled with personal insights into the lives of both of these women who make helping others a personal commitment, a way of living. Anne Strieber may come across as an average person, but her having personally read over half-a-million letters from people who had UFO/Alien encounters, makes her THE expert on the subject in many ways.

The talking Crystal Skull part? Decide for yourselves. Don't miss the interview if you are a subscriber. If you are not it is only $19.75 for 6 months. The 2 shows you can download a week alone are worth it.

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